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tv   Eyewitness 11PM News  CBS  December 12, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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> traffic terror, a bridge is clipped sending debris flying. >> tonight, a witness speaks about the highway horror. >> good evening i'm denise koch. >> and i'm vic carter. >> traffic nightmare, wjz is live along the beltway, derek valcourt has more on the accident and the inspection to make sure the bridge is safe, derek. >> reporter: inspeg >> reporter: in -- inspectors are looking at that bridge now
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after a tractor traveling with 16 feet high of material tried to make it under a bridge. it slammed into the i95 south overpass. >> i heard a loud noise toward the backhoe lift up off of the trailer. >> reporter: charles and his wife patricia were driving in a car next to the truck when it happened. the backhoe damaged the highway sign attached to the overpass. the impact sent pieces of metal flying into the roadway and snapped off one of the chains holding the backhoe plate. that chain swung around with rufus and patricia in the car. >> you don't know where to go. your reflections are do i duck, what can you do you're in a seat belt? >> reporter: but the only
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damage was to the vehicle. >> not only the driver who was driving the tractor trailer, he was not hurt either because that really could have been a bad bad accident. >> reporter: the charles' may count their blessings, but others stuck in traffic did not feel so lucky. the accident left miles and miles of back up as authorities shut down two lanes of 45 south as they removed the highway signs and began to assess if the accident caused any damage to the bridge. we're told there was no damage to the bridge but officials are out assessing again. charges are pending against the driver of that truck. a woman is struck and killed by a light rail train in baltimore count at county. the victim is an adult female but has not been positively identified. she was crossing the tracks when she was hit but was not
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near a light rail stop. an emotion farewell for the virginia tech officer shot to death last week. family, friends and officer gathered for the funeral of officer derrek krauss. krauss was making a traffic spot when he was shot and killed by ross ashley. ashley later killed himself. one maryland lawmaker is fighting back against a dangerous trend. >> reporter: at least two mob robberies have happened here in the state of maryland just this year. now lawmakers are cracking down before somebody gets hurt. a silver spring 7/11 overrun by teens. they grab what they can then walk out the door stealing hundreds. in german town more than two dozens teams took over a store.
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watch as they trash the aisles stealing hundreds of dollars of merchandise. >> this is a growing phenomenon and each flash mob robbery seems to get bigger. >> reporter: now maryland state delegate wants to stop the crime craze. he's proposing a state law that would make anyone caught in a mob robbery responsible for the total amount stolen from the store. under the new bail, instead of being charged for stealing a soda or candy each person involved could be charged with stealing hundreds in merchandise. the proposed penalties could mean larger fines or more jail time. >> we just want it to be another tool in the tool box of law enforcement. primarily we're putting it in as a deat the -- deterrent. >> we identified 18 of the kids almost immediately. >> reporter: now police want this new bill stops this dangerous trend before it escalates. and the mob robbery bill will be introduced in the next
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legislative session which begins next month. megan mccorckel. theft valued at less than a thousand dollars is considered a misdemeanor in maryland. a bank is robbed on the campus of a university. students received there was a robbery at the bank on campus. the man demanded money but did not show a weapon. he was able to get away with a number of cash, but was arrested quickly after. a judge will decide if the case against the former penn state coach accused of abusing a number of young boys could go to trial. the preliminary hearing will be the public's first chance to hear directly from the young men that say accused them as children. jerry sandusky will be there too to hear their testimony. and his attorney says --
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>> he's deading -- dreading it. as you can imagine. he's going to have to sit in a courtroom filled with people, including family and friends listen to these young men saying terrible things about he and his wife. >> reporter: mike mcquary is a former penn state assistant coach who said he saw sandusky in a shower sexually assaulting a young boy. >> reporter: sandusky will not testify tomorrow in a hearing. prosecutors have to accomplish the evidence against him. a virginia man who escaped his captors will arrive home. kevin could not get away until this weekend. he is currently in the hospital being treated for dehydration. mike hellgren reports, a
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city officer shot a man who he says advanced toward him armed with a gun. >> reporter: the chaotic scene unfolded after police responded to a call about a family disturbance in southwest baltimore. it was on moorley street in hillton parkway as you see on this map. when they got to the hospital, they found franklin williams in an upstairs bedroom holding a knife. they tried to get him to put it down but they say he would not so they shot him several times. >> i heard three shots. gunshots. >> reporter: neighbor vila shannon then remembers hearing williams mother cry out. >> they killed my son. >> reporter: you said she was in tears? >> yeah, oh yeah, yeah. >> reporter: but her son was still alived and rushed to the hospital. police have not identified the officer who fired the shots. williams sister was too shaken to speak to wjz she did tell our news partner the sun that
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her brother suffers of schizophrenia and lives with her parents. here is what she describes. >> he began to approach the officers with a knife. he did not come comply and was shot numerous times. >> reporter: internal affair social security now investigating along with the homicide division. and that is routine in cases like this. at city police headquarters, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. and no officers were injured during that confrontation. governor o'malley is hoping to team up with a pop star. earlier today the governor sent a tweet to lady gaga inviting him to dinner to his anti bullying campaign to discuss his anti bullying campaign. the pop star recently met with president oe -- obama to talk
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about her bullying campaign. hundreds of children grabbed gifts at the port discovery children's museum. but the families involved say it's more than just an early christmas for the children. >> it's a lot for the children. it means a lot because some of them don't get to see things or get things like this and it's hard right now on people as far as jobs and everything. so i think, i think it's great that they're doing this. >> reporter: the children also got a visit of course from santa himself as well as the orioles and ravens mascot. i guess they got some yummy food to eat. >> ray rice said he loves doing things like that because he's a kid at heart and i believe it too. a hollywood hills shoot out caught on tape. i'm adam may, why former patients are outraged over those comments, that's coming
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up. after a chilly start there's a warm up headed our way. i'm bob turk, i have the complete forwarning forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. it's 30 degrees and clear in central maryland right now. the complete warning weather is coming up. a famous music produce dies days after he is shot by a
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gunman in downtown hollywood. >> ohmy oh my god, are you all right? >> reporter: he was shot friday during 26-year-old tyler brem's violent street rampage. brem was killed by police. friends say brem was upset over a recent break up. outbreak continues in russia. supporters of putin rallied after they won a narrow majority. putin will face a challenge by billionaire bucorof in march's presidential election. the organizers of occupy wall street movement are claiming victory after a protest shut down a port.
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in oakland large crowds marched over an overpass and shut down that road. some truckers who were prevented from workers say protesters are only hurting the people they claim to be helping. the fall out continues from the ugly brawl that ended a basketball game between the university of cincinnati and xavier. a local prosecutor says he is looking into possible criminal charges against those involved in the melee. four players from each school have been suspended. today one of those players apologized saying he could have prevented the entire incident. >> i should have just did the right thing and grabbed my teammate instead of coming out of the bench and throwing the first punch. and if i would have never did that, none of this would have ever happened. >> reporter: the suspensions range from one to six games. the players will also attend anger management classes and perform community service. the future of the annual rivalry game remains in question. the press put pressing on a
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doctor in the middle of a controversy says he thought about suicide. >> reporter: dr. mark madey tells the baltimore sun. i've been suicidal at times my whole identity was stripped from me. the world reknowned cardiologist found himself under federal investigation. since then more than 200 patients have filed lawsuits and he lost his medical license. >> i think he deserves everything he gets. >> reporter: vicki mars is one patient who she says the doctor used a sten that another doctor found was not clogged.
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>> he said it was 90% clogged and it was 10%. >> everyone that hears this is shocked with good reason. >> reporter: medey maintains his sentence, telling the sun i never treated a single patient that needed to be treated. he went on to say public doubt has been personally difficult. >> it's been an extreme challenge to get through each and every day. i just live it one day at a time. >> reporter: attorney jay miller who represents the clients also told me that he doesn't think the jury will be sympathetic after they hear all the case. in tonight's wjz health watch the blink of an eye may hold the key to better understanding autism. the new study discovered autistic children found
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blinking when looking at objections in motion. a typical child stopped blinking when looking at people. there was a lot of barking and wagging of tails in one new york city church that's because it was the spca's annual blessing of animals. an overflow crowd of pet owners took part in the event. even some city police officers brought in their canine partners. everyone who participated donated to a local pet shelter. >> animals deserve a blessing every now and again. let's look at a chilly night once again. not quite as cold as last night but there'll be frost in the morning. we're down to 30 degrees, no wind at all which means there's no windchill. the barometer is holding steady. the humidity is up and the dewpoints is at 26 degrees. that's probably where we'll end up tomorrow morning around 26,
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27. that's what it is in cumberland. 49 the warm spot this afternoon down in ocean city. 30 up in bell air. 32 rock hall, kent allen and annapolis by the bay at 36. once again 30 up in co columbia and westminster. this morning we were down at 32. that is smack dab normal on this date. 29 being the normal, 79 and 10 are the records. right now no wind expect at pax river, ocean city a little bit open. generally these clear skies, light winds do help get temperatures quite chilly. we'll have this cold air overnight. during the day tomorrow. clear skies. high pressure over our area begins to slide off the east coast and as it happens the winds go back a little more to the southwest keeping us milder. a little snow flakes up in northern section of the michigan. that is not headed our way. what we have essentially is
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this high moving off the coast and here comes some milder air. eventually you think by thursday, maybe a shower. maybe a great chance of that. we'll cool down a little bit on friday. week edge -- weekend looks like normal temperatures. even though we might get up to 50 or so on thursday. bay temp around 46 now. tonight then we'll see clear skies for the most part. light winds, it'll be cold. 26 about 33 in the city. 52 with sunshine a few patchy clouds a nice day tomorrow really. and look at this. 54 on wednesday. a lot more clouds, cloudy on thursday, maybe a few showers late in the day. 61, down to a very mild 42. a little cooler on friday then partly cloudy and back to normal 44. 26 on saturday. check in tomorrow morning for the updated first warning
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weather forecast. >> the ravens are on the road and getting ready for an and getting ready for an im,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sbcr!
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one more down we're getting there. mark is here with our wjz the fan sports report. >> a four game winning streak, it's part of a four year winning streak for harbaugh who will be leading the ravens to the postgame. elsewhere in the game, coaches fired. there may be up to eight teams looking for new coaches next year. look for sparano a name looking
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for vacancies. magano has been credited for his players for his aggressive game plan that has the team sacking opposing quarterbacks. >> magano if anybody that's trying to hire a head coach i'm going to tell him he's terrible. he's a terrible coach, the players don't love him. he doesn't know what he's doing when he's calling the game. we all love him. >> this is his fourth year here. he's done a tremendous job. to me it's great when the players recognize that. >> reporter: headed to san diego next in the status of -- and the status of web could be unknown. web suffer add toe injury that
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might keep him out. web is not an injury concern because he played yesterday. web was seen limping late on the field. late in the game, he does double duty as return. and an influx of talent has not brought anything yet. the o's have elected not to offer scott an extension. he had surgery in august. manager showalter said he hopes scott will stay with a lesser contract. he's led the team to 27 home runs. finally one of hockey's bright youngsters is sidelined again. crosby just 24 years old and he's a former mvp.
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and hockey just like in football it's scary and it's real. >> very violent. >> thank you mark. cop gets festive. cop gets festive. >> find out if drive,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a hockey game at utica college had a teddy bear. take a look at utica scores their first goal. it wasn't done as anger but rather a toys for tots donation. that's a goal worth celebrating. in the philippines there is one police officer who makes it fun to wait in traffic. that's because he dresses up
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like santa. then shows off his best michael jackson dance moves. the 46-year-old says people used to ignore his hand signals but now they obey him. the traffic santa knows when a driver has been naughty or nice. i can't tell what he's saying but it's ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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